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To ensure that you can enjoy our product for a long time, we have provided a few answers to frequently asked questions here.


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FAQ - Dust extraction unit

The new patented prefilter

The pre-filter was specially developed to collect coarse dust even before the main filter.


Coarse parts that accumulate during the milling of the old model, clipped nails or small stones are collected in the pre-filter and can be easily removed in between.

They do not pollute the main filter.


This extends the cleaning interval and protects the main filter.

The high performance of your dust extraction system and the main filter are thus constantly maintained.  


The pre-filter is attached to the support grid with magnets and can be easily separated and reattached for quick cleaning between customers.

What is the power of the dust extractor?

There are 2 powerful fans installed with 425 m³ suction power each. The motor power is 850 m³. 

The real suction power is 530 m³/hour.

For a room with 25 m², the air is completely filtered approx. 8.8 x per hour.

Which fans were installed?

The fans are specially built exclusively according to our specifications.

What filters does the dust extractor have?

The 1st filter is the patented pre-filter, it collects the coarse particles that are generated during the removal of the modeling.

The 2nd filter is the main filter, a high-performance laboratory standard filter with activated carbon coating.

The 3rd filter is an additional activated carbon filter against odors.

How oftean does the main filter need to be cleaned?

Thanks to our pre-filter system, cleaning of the main filter is only necessary approximately every two weeks. Of course, this can also vary depending on your usage.

How often does the activated carbon filter need to be cleaned?

You should clean the activated carbon filter about once a month. Of course, this can vary depending on your usage.

The activated charcoal filter must always be installed below the main filter, otherwise it will become clogged with dust.

Never use the activated charcoal filter without the main filter.

When must the main filter and/or activated carbon filter be replaced?

For hygienic reasons, the main filter and activated carbon filter should be replaced after 12 months at the latest. Depending on customer frequency, you should decide for yourself when to replace your filters. Please also always check the filters and seals for damage and replace them if you notice any damage. The function of the filters can no longer be guaranteed if they are damaged.

How should I clean the filters or the pre-filter?

It is best to carefully remove the filter, place it in a fresh garbage bag, hold the garbage bag closed and now tap out the filter. In this way, the previously filtered dust will not be distributed in the room again. Then knock out the filter even more thoroughly outdoors.


We recommend that you do not use a vacuum cleaner, as our high-performance filters have a higher filtering capacity than the standard vacuum cleaner in most cases.




Do not clean filters wet! Blow out activated carbon filter if necessary.

Is the dust extraction suitable for any table?

The dimensions of the table must be at least 80 cm long x 2.8 cm thick.

Make sure that there is a free space of at least 20 cm at the side air outlets, otherwise the suction performance of the dust extraction system may be impaired by back pressure.




We recommend a solid tabletop with a minimum thickness of 28 mm.

Lightweight panels are mostly panels reinforced with cardboard honeycomb, e.g. IKEA lightweight panels are not suitable for installation

Where does the table hole for the dust extractor have to go if I install the dust extractor myself?

The dust extraction unit can be installed according to the following drilling template. Installation without aluminum ring!

For installation with aluminum ring, please refer to the download.


Please test the distance from the edge of the table to the drill hole so that comfortable working is possible for you and your customers.

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Is the dust extraction system installed?

In all our tables, the dust extraction is already mounted at the factory, including the patented pre-filter (when purchasing a table with dust extraction). 


All tables are equipped with the noble aluminum insert.


For the purchase of a dust extraction system without table we offer an installation service

What are the handles?

Dust collector and tables have the same handles as standard.


Handles with glitter stones are possible on request, depending on availability.

FAQ - Tables

What tables are available?

There are 4 different tables from the

  • Series TB - table and container extra
  • Series TC - table and 2 containers
  • TL series - the luxury version in special design with containers extra

Which table tops are used? What is MDF?

MDF = medium-density fiberboard. Finely defibered, mainly bark-free softwood is pressed into a wood-based material that is equally homogeneous in the longitudinal and transverse directions.


A multilayer board is used for the TL series table. For this purpose, several wooden boards are glued together to form a solid wooden board with a thickness of 3 cm.

Which varnish was used?

Table series TB is coated with melamine resin and therefore particularly robust and insensitive.

Table series TC is finished with a 2-component lacquer and is insensitive.

Table series TL was finished with a 5-layer lacquer and is therefore particularly insensitive.


We recommend to clean all table surfaces quickly and to dry them afterwards.

Prolonged massive use of acetone, etc. will damage any surface in the long run.

If acetone is used, allow it to air thoroughly on the surface (20 - 30 sec.) before wiping. Avoid prolonged rubbing with harsh chemicals as far as possible.


Why are the tables on casters?

Many of our customers want to be able to move the table for better cleaning.


The rollers can be reliably locked.

Are there other table sizes?

Table TB can be offered in other sizes upon request.

Table TL is a custom design, which can also be changed on request, including the height of the table.

FAQ - Air purifier

How are bacteria killed?

The main part of viruses and bacteria is caught in the main filter. In addition, irradiation with UVC light inside the device and / or the anion filter can kill remaining viruses and bacteria.

What is an anion filter?

Bacteria are killed by an electrochemical reaction.

How often does the filter need to be changed?

The devices are equipped with filter replacement alarm and report when the filter needs to be replaced. Normally, the filters last about 1 year, depending on the frequency of use of the air purifier.

Which air purifier for which room size?

Air purifier L 310 -- 310 m³ per hour - for small to medium sized rooms.

Air purifier L 630 -- 630 m³ per hour - for medium sized rooms, stronger odors

Air purifier L 800 -- 800 m³ per hour - for larger rooms / e.g. restaurant, training rooms



A room with approx. 10 m x 10 m = 100 m²

100 m² x room height 2,40 m = 240 m³ air volume (room volume)

Air purifier L 310 -- 240 m³ = approx. 1.3 times per hour the air is completely cleaned,

Air purifier L 630 -- 240 m³ = approx. 2.6 times per hour,

Air purifier L 800 -- 240 m³ = 3.3 times per hour

Is there service and spare parts?

If you need service or spare parts for your dust extractor, please contact us directly at

info@acqm.de, or directly in the store

Zubehör für Staubabsaugung, Service für Staubabsaugung

Zubehör für Luftreiniger, Service für Luftreiniger

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Ask us, we will help you.


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