Air purifier AIRCOM-ONE L800

For allergy sufferers and for cleaning the air from house dust, dusts of all kinds, fine dust, viruses and bacteria, and much more.

  • Indispensable for practice, studio, office, company and home.
  • Use for 90 to 120m² area, or approx. 200m³ room volume
  • 2 pre-filters
  • 2 Hepa/activated carbon combination filter H13, filters 99,97 % of all viruses and bacteria
  • for coronaviruses H13 is recommended.
  • Ionizer
  • UV-C light to kill viruses and bacteria 11W 254Nm
  • Touch Control for control
  • Optical display of filter quality in blue/green/red
  • Reminder for filter change
  • 5 power levels + automatic mode
  • Timer
  • Child lock


  • Technical data: 
  • CADR: 800m³/h
  • Max. 70db at full power
  • Approx. 30kg
  • Dimension: 530x330x890 (LxWxH)
  • 230V50Hz
  • Power: 110W

When choosing a suitable air purifier, please consider not only the size of the room, but also the volume of the room.

The air purifier should be able to clean the room about 4-5 times/hour. Calculate the room volume with the following formula: Room volume (m³) = Room area (m²) x Room height. For a room size of 50m² and a room height of 2.4m, this results in 120m³. If you now want to use the L800, it will clean the room 6.6 times at maximum power, which is a very good value. You do not need to run the device at maximum power to achieve the desired effect.

The device sucks in the air on the left and right and discharges it upwards. Coarse filters for coarse dust particles are installed on the left and right in the intake opening. They can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or wet. The two main filters HEPA13 are equipped as a combination filter with activated carbon against odors. They filter the smallest dust particles, up to viruses and bacteria. Please do not clean this filter with the vacuum cleaner, otherwise you will blow the fine dust back into your rooms with the vacuum cleaner.

In addition, UV-C lamps and an ionizer are installed to destroy viruses and bacteria. They can be optionally switched on and off at the device. The device always starts in automatic mode, but can also be manually set slower or faster on the display. A time period for the operation of the device can also be set on the display. On board is also a control via W-LAN and cell phone. In this mode, even a key lock can be activated and a timer for starting and stopping the device can be scheduled for each day.


At least once a year, the device should be completely cleaned and disinfected, as well as replace the main filters.

The replacement filters can be purchased in our store as accessories.