Nail designer table TL

Naildesigner table AIRCOM-ONE TL 150



  • Ergonomically shaped, stable and robust table top 
  • High-quality workmanship made from 100% multi-layer boards
  • Rounded, impact-resistant edges
  • 5-layer lacquer finish, hard-wearing and durable
  • White silk matt surface
  • Customised and prepared for the AIRCOM-ONE S850
  • The in-built exhaust air guidance system guides the cold exhaust air to the floor at the sides
  • Aluminium sleeve for support grille





Two built-in radiators heat the exhaust air in such a way that there are no unpleasant draughts on the legs.




 LxWxH: 150 x 60 x78 cm, table top3 cm


3.990,00 € excl. VAT 

with dust extraction

4.748,10 €

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Container AIRCOM-ONE TL 150


  • High-quality finish made from 100% multilayer boards
  • Surface in white silk matt
  • 5-layer lacquer finish, hard-wearing and durable
  • Exact fit with AIRCOM-ONE S850 and the table from the AIRCOM-ONE TL 150 series




LxWxH: 29 x 40 x64 cm


890,00 € excl. VAT per piece


1.059,10 €

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